Bad Credit Survival Guide in Metro Detroit

bad credit survivial in metro detroit for a carWe all know that having bad credit can cause a lot of problems in life, and you might be asking what is the best way to get out of the jungle. Here are some good tips to help you get your good credit back for a cheap car in Metro Detroit.


How your credit score is determined is by these factors:

  • 35% payment history
  • 30% amount owed
  • 15% credit length
  • 10% new credit
  • 10% credit type

The best way to get out of bad credit is to do this:

  1. Stop collection calls
  2. Remove inaccuracies
  3. spread out credit card debt
  4. keep the oldest account open
  5. never be late on a payment

You can always find car loans in Grand Rapids or Flint with a low to no money down car payment with bad credit. But you will want to make sure there aren’t any other auto financing options in the Detroit area.


12 Dangerous Cars of All Time

cheap cars in metro detroitNow this is a random post but people that have bad credit might just be pushed into a car that they don’t want 100% so with that said make sure you get the car you 100% want and here are some cars you may not want with bad credit in Detroit.


Auto loans in Detroit may not approve you for the best cars in Detroit. So watch out for what you get.


The Ford Pinto is one of the most dangerous cars, it killed 27 people from explosions. The next car is, Chevy Corvette it has killed more people than any other car in history. Another car that is dangerous is the Geely CK1 0/5 Ncap stars.


Audi 5000 is linked to 6 deaths and 700 accidents, not sure if these are still on the road or not. The Yogo GV is another car that the engine destroys itself. Smart four two car goes airborne at 40 MPG which is not good.


The Pontiac Fiero catches unfire and caused hundreds of car fire accidents, the reason why was because the car would run out of oil and leak into the fuel tank. The Chevy Vega would just break in half when it went over bumps it was a rust bucket.


Suzuki Samurai 4×4 it was just unstable prone to rolling over on rough ground. KIA Rio was just an all round bad car, KIA are still a bad car but you have to give KIA credit on the styling. Nissan Titan has 126 deaths per million cars.  Last car that is dangerous is The Corvair it allowed for toxic fumes in the cabin of the car.


Credit Repair Emergency Kit in Detroit


Millions of Americans pay more and have fewer options when it comes to bad credit auto loans in Detroit However, no matter what your credit score is, you can climb out of the hole of bad credit.

What you will want to do is the following:


  • Get an annual credit report; report any errors on your credit report.
  • Pay your bills on time, paying your bills on time makes up 15% of your credit score.
  • Repay your creditors, repaying your creditors back is the simplest way to get out of bad credit.
  • Build a budget, don’t have a budget? Start one today, maybe you want to buy a new car in Detroit now is the time to start.


Things that you don’t want to start doing is:


  • Hide from the creditor, it will mark you off as a charge off and you don’t want that when dealing with creditors.
  • Use to much credit, you shouldn’t use up to more than 30-40% of the credit you do have.
  • Live beyond your means, cut the nonessential spending.
  • Open up to many accounts quickly, this move looks risk because you are taking on a lot of debt possibly.



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