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Cheap Maintenance Tips For a Used Car in Dallas Texas

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Most of us don’t do this but we should has it can make a used car look like new and we all love new cars right? At least ones that look the part. You don’t have to buy a new car to make a car look good. Daily upkeep can go along way with a used car.


How to maintain a used car


There are basic maintenance tips you can do to make a used car feel like a new car all over again.


  1. You want to clean and organize your car. Yes this one is hard for everyone but if you can get the clutter out of your car you might start seeing the potential it has. A good cleaning once a month can make your used car shine.


  1. Replace the floor mats. Most people tend to buy rubber floor mats because they don’t ruin the cars carpet all too easy. It can protect the interior of your used car. Floor mats can make a big difference in a used car.



  1. Get new windshield wipers if you live anywhere that gets the four season weather you don’t know how important a good set of wipers will be, especially on the highway. Now you can clean your wipers once a week but that sounds like overkill. You can use windshield treatments like Rain-X to make sure your wipers are in good condition. I like to change my wipers every three months.



  1. Clean your windows inside and out with your favorite window cleaner and a micro-fiber cloth. Some people use newspaper and a little bit of soapy water but it all depend on what you like.



  1. You want to perform regular maintenance on a used car like oil changes. Some auto repair shops might tell you to change the oil every 3K miles but you can do it every 5-10K miles. I know I do my oil changes every 5K miles but then again I don’t drive a lot. Changing the filters and checking the belts can add more life onto the used car. It might not seem worth it but it is especially when a down payment for a car now is at least $700 to $1,000 and that’s still just a pre-owned vehicle in Dallas Texas.
  2. Its okay to get your car shampooed regularly. It makes the used car look brand new plus it makes it smell like new. You can do this every six months or so.



  1. You can replace banged up part for cheap by going to a junk yard and installing it yourself or having a local auto shop install it for you. If car maintenance is cheaper on a used car than buying a new car you’re saving money.



  1. Your used car could use new tires or rims or both when it gets over 100K miles but only invest in them if you’re looking to keep the used car for a long time. New wheels with rims can start at $400 and go up to $1,500 so decide on how much you love your used car.

In the market for a cheaper used car in Dallas Texas


Finding a cheap used car that is well maintained can be like finding a needle in a hay stack but I encourage you to start looking now at different car dealerships and keep a budget in mind for a used car in Dallas Texas.


If you’re looking for a cheap used car for sale in Dallas Texas with a low payment we can assist you with a car dealership that has well maintained pre-owned cars. Use our auto form to get started with your next pre-owned vehicle in Dallas Texas.