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Simple Budget for a Used Car in Dallas Texas

low down payment used cars

There is no simple rule of buying a car as long as you have a budget just don’t go over the budget and you will be fine.


Budgeting for an affordable used car in Dallas Texas



A used car budget should be about $6,500 to $10,000 that will give you some room to negotiate with the car dealers in Dallas Texas. In my personal opinion you shouldn’t go after a new car. A used car in the same model will be just fine.


The miles might be higher than you want but are you looking to keep this vehicle as your last vehicle on earth? Probably not so you shouldn’t mind if it has 25,000 miles on it, as long as the car dealership has taken care of it.


I personally would even go to 45,000 miles on it and wouldn’t care as long as the car was taken care of right? Most people get caught up in the flashy new cars that are just way out of their budgets and they can’t do anything but lose money on them.


Don’t lose money on a car, its okay to buy a used car with low money down in Dallas Texas. Don’t fail at buying a car just shop around for the best deal you can find.


Most people don’t shop around and it’s a big mistake. Car dealers all have different price points on used cars and they all work with different lenders, so it’s up to the auto lender to see if you can afford the car payment with the down payments.


You should see if you can hold out and shop for cars for sale with no money down in Dallas Texas. But I only suggest that if you have a high credit score.


If you don’t most car dealerships in Dallas Texas want at least $300 down on the used car at the dealership. You want to be able to cover the costs and fees or negotiate them if you can.


Simple math for a used car in Dallas Texas



Some people use the $1,500 rule for buying used cars and that means you don’t want a used car that is going to cost you more than $1,500 a year with car payments.


So the math is simple if you want a used car in Dallas Texas for about five years? You budget for a used car in Dallas should be $7,500 or $8K max. Now if you want the car for 7-10 years the budget will be bigger.

Get set up with a car dealer for your car budget in Dallas Texas and drive a used car that is reasonable and reliable for everyday use. The auto loan form takes three minutes or less.