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The Credit Pros

trafficAre you dealing with bad credit because of late payments or do you want to dispute items on your credit report? Then we have the solution for you. Call Now by clicking below. The service is $59.99 to get started.

Do you want to have someone go through your credit report with you? We can do that and its one phone call away. Have a dedicated credit expert right now.

It’s okay to need credit repair there are nearly 70 million people right now that have bad credit and are trying to buy a new or used car and even a house.  So we understand that credit scores mean a lot to auto lenders and banks and that’s why we want to help you out today!

Don’t let a bank or a used car dealership ruin your chances of a used car with bad credit with slapping a “higher interest rate on your auto loan, see what we can connect you with. Half the problem and why most people have bad credit is because they simply don’t know of the negative items on their credit report.

What to do to fix your bad credit for a new used car loan


Get Credit Repair for a Car Loan
If you have low credit and the car dealers are offering you a high-interest rate for a car loan like 19% Call us!  We work with any financial hardship in the United States.

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Rebuild your credit for a Car Loan
Have you taken a loan out recently and want to see if you can get a better interest rate with a better credit score? No one should have to live with bad credit!

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What we help you figure out about your credit score


  • Bad Credit Ok!
  • The ultimate goal is to improve their credit score.
  • All agents are FICO certified
  • Credit Repair can help find out who is using their social security in instances of identity theft.
  • Consultation takes 10-15 minutes to go through the process with the credit expert.