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Find the best no-money-down car options for your financial situation and credit.

Find Your Affordable Cars Near Me

Are you looking for sedans, trucks, or SUVS? We have a wide selection of new and used cars even if your credit score isn’t the best you can still get auto financing.

New Cars

Our network of car dealerships has a large selection of new cars.

Used Cars

We work with a ton of used car dealers to get you the best financing.

Auto Financing

Want to see what kind of auto loan you may qualify for near you?

old car donate

Looking to donate an old car or junk cars? We have a car donation program for you!

Donate your old or Junk cars now

Junk Car Donation Service

junk cars

How donating your old car works?

The way this works is that if you have a car you want to donate? Give us a call and we will schedule a time to come out and tow it away for you. The car donation is a tax deduction.

Call US

Set up a time for us to come and get the car.

Must have title

You must have the title for the old car.

Get receipt for taxes

You will be emailed or mailed the receipt for your taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work to donate your car?

It’s simple and fast – you give us a call and we will get the information about the car and set up a time that works for you to come and tow it out of the yard or driveway. It’s a hassle-free experience for RV’s Boats, Trucks, and Junk Cars.

Where are we located?

We are located nationwide to help you donate your junk car. We are able to help anyone with a car in the 50 states.

What do we take for vehicle types?

We are able to take any car that runs or can be towed. Non-working cars, crashed cars, cars that can still drive, and old cars.

junk car donation


Personal Testimonial

Was looking for a place to donate my grandpa’s old car and didn’t want to sell it. Wanted to help someone in need. So I called the 844 number and they came and towed the car away the next day.

Jack Jones

Ready to make a difference with Junk Cars?

Give us a call to arrange your junk car donation. We are able to service all of the US. It takes a minute or less to set up.