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0 down available for used carsLocating a new or used car can be the most difficult thing you can do right now with bad credit in New York. People don’t know that you have to have a decent credit score to buy a new or used car in New York.

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Buying a used car in New York with credit struggles


But for the people that are having credit struggles we have connected with some of the biggest car dealerships in the New York area. Don’t just shop a new or used car dealership in New York because they are the closest to your house. Shop the car lot because they have the best used car financing for bad credit in New York.

That’s how your going to find the right car dealership, it honestly takes time and if your willing to put in the time we have a car dealership that’s wanting to help you with the next used car you purchase.

The application is easy and you will know if the car dealership in New York can approve you for a car loan in 24 hours.