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The Alternatives For Family Sized Cars For Family Vacations

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Family cars for sale


As a side note, when buying a car with kids we don’t recommend doing this or letting your kids do this to the car.

What’s new in the rent a car business


But there is the idea of a coloring book car program, it’s for rentals by Hertz rent a car.


The idea is that the upholstery is able to be colored on…awesome idea for kids and long car rides. There should be a national release of this program.


The program was started to reduce the common kid question of “Are we there yet”.


Oh and if you’re wondering how you can color on a dashboard? Hertz puts “special upholstery” over everything in the vehicle.

Alternatives for family vacation cars


This might beat the idea of having to buy a “family car” for a little while if you’re in the process of looking for your next family vehicle.


We work with connecting car dealerships with local car buyers so you know what you can afford at the dealership and know what to expect with financing and everything.

Sometimes renting a car for a vacation can beat buying a pre-owned family car for a vacation, it might be lighter on the money and down payment aspect.