Phoenix AZ Used Car Dealers

local buy here pay here car dealers in Phoenix ArizonaWhen you’re looking for buying a used car with bad credit and you want to figure out the fastest way to purchase a used car you can search or locate local buy here pay here car dealers in Phoenix Arizona or save up about $1,000 and see what the local car lots will finance you for.

Phoenix AZ best options for used cars

Buy here pay here is a good option if your low on cash for a used car in the Phoenix area.

But if your credit score is over 600 you really shouldn’t have a problem getting a car loan from a local used car lot in Phoenix AZ that offers auto financing. When you have to worry about it is when it’s in the 500’s.

Purchasing a used car with bad credit in Phoenix doesn’t mean that you’re going to get a crappy used car. It just means your used car options are limited and the interest rate on the used car will probably be higher than most.


We work with multiple used car lots in Phoenix that have special financing options for used cars with bad credit. But if your credit score is below 600 you should consider spending a few months improving your score it can really go a long way with the interest paid.

  1. Below a 600 credit score, the interest rate is about 11%
  2. Above a 600 credit score, the interest rate is about 6.5% and this is considered a non-prime credit score.

Make sure you can financially handle the payments of a used car

You ideally want to make sure you can handle the financing ideals with a bad credit auto loan in Phoenix and yes Buy here pay here used cars in Phoenix may be your option.

See what the local banks can do for you in the Phoenix Arizona are for low credit car loans then talk to your local used car dealership because they are able to finance you faster than the banks.

Used cars are a viable option for folks dealing with bad credit and want a car in the Phoenix area. Low payment used car loans in Phoenix is a possibility if you have a decent credit score.

Things to remember when buying a used car in Phoenix AZ

The most important things to be advised about with used car buying in Phoenix Arizona are:

  1. You want to make sure your credit score is at least 600
  2. You want to make a good income of about $1,500 GMI at least
  3. Possible pre-approval from a credit union or local bank
  4. Be matched with the right used car dealer or buy here pay here car lot in Phoenix
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