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How Far Will You Travel For Used Cars

The Credit Pros

Finding a car isn’t as easy as it use to be. Dealers are marking up cars and it’s making car buyers go further than they have to buy new cars or used cars. Some folks have traveled about 500 miles just to look at cars.

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How far are you willing to travel?

used cars

People in Alaska are willing to travel up to 730 miles for used cars right now. In New Mexico, they are willing to travel up to 700 miles for used cars. In Vermont, people are about willing to travel 300 miles for used cars.

For new cars, some people are looking for online sources for dealer markups. With the website, you can find cars by data of price, state, and city to find great car deals in markets that have become unfriendly with car prices or selections. Some automakers are transitioning to making the dealer process online which means you can order the vehicle you want right online.

With used car prices being so high

Used cars are still hitting high prices and being shipped all over. The price of gas being sky-high doesn’t make sense to drive 200 miles for used cars but some people are doing it. I guess it all depends on how bad you want a car and what are you willing to pay for it.

When it comes down to it I guess with used car prices all over the map finding a used car within your budget means a little travel time that’s what you’re going to have done.

What we suggest for car buying now

The best way to start is to see what kind of new and used car inventory you can find online and see if that fits your car budget or just make an online order works too.