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Seven Tips For Finding The Ideal Used Car

Are you currently looking for new cars? To be honest used cars will surely cost less to drive but that’s only if you keep them on the road.

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Finding the best set of wheels on a used car budget

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A used car in South Bend Indiana or Chicago Illinois isn’t such a good deal if it’s a lemon. Here is a great guide to making sure you purchase a solid set of wheels.

  • Get your hands on the title history. History reports can help you decide if the used car is a lemon or a gem. There are a ton of sources that history reports come from for vehicles. You may want to check more than the Carfax not that there is a bad source they aren’t the only source for car reports. Also, check the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.
  • Look out for local rentals in your area. Rental cars have a lot of miles on them and a lot of engine wear and tear. When you’re looking at used cars at the car dealership ask them if the car has ever been a rental.
  • Ask to see the service history of the vehicle it’s best to see what type of work the used car has had over the years. Good service history will tell you how many times the car had an oil change or tire rotation or small jobs to keep the car running on the road.
  • Always inspect the car you’re looking to buy walk around the outside of the car you looking for dings, scratches, or rusting. Look even at the paint if it doesn’t match that part of the car may have been in an accident. When you walk around the car don’t forget to open and shut the doors and hood if they don’t shut flush it can mean vehicle damage. You should check the whole car for paint damage.
  • Don’t be shy about kicking the tires. You can use a penny to see the tread left on the tires. Put Lincoln’s head upside down facing you and if you see the top of his head it means you will need new tires in the future. All your tires on the car need the same tread.
  • Check the car’s engine fluids. The oil should look golden and the brake fluid should look clear. And the car’s coolant should be all the way up to the “full line”. You can always have your mechanic look at the fluids of the vehicle too.
  • You can have a local professional look at the used car if you need to a mechanic will be able to spot issues with the vehicle you may not be able to spot on the lot with the first walk-through.

Needing help with financing a used car

Are you looking for help financing a used car? We have car dealers that work with all credit types and used car budgets.