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Used Cars Can Be Cheaper in the Other States

If you’re in the market for used cars it’s best now to shop around the country don’t just stay in one radius to find the vehicle you need. I was driving around different car lots in the Detroit area yesterday and saw that most car dealerships are sparse with cars.

Auto Loans For Vehicles

We want to make the auto loan process for both new and used cars simple even if you have bad credit, poor credit, or good credit we have a number of qualifying car dealerships that can help you get that financing started and get you back on the road.

Looking For Used Cars?

Auto loans with bad credit for used cars can be hard to come by for most subprime car buyers and most of the time car dealers want you to have a credit score of 600 or above. Get started with bad credit or poor credit by financing a car dealer near you.

Used car prices are still high

Used cars everywhere are going to remain high priced because of the part shortage for new cars. Really buying a used car anywhere you can expect to pay about 50% higher than you would pre-pandemic.

There is a price increase of 32% for used cars in areas of San Antonio Texas and Fairbanks Alaska two cities I wouldn’t want to have to purchase a car right now. The Baton Rouge area has high prices for used cars and so does Lafayette Indiana.

Used Trucks for sale

Used trucks are about 22% higher priced in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. A used Ford Explorer is more expensive in Montana than in Ohio by 27%.

As many people see it buying a used car outside of your state and having it shipped to you might save you thousands of dollars. Yes shop or find deals in your area but it’s worth comparing used cars in other areas to find a better deal.

Where to find the best-used car deal

Some of the best states to search for used cars right now in Nebraska, you can also find cheap used cars in Michigan, even used cars in Wisconsin, or find a used car dealer in Indiana. Don’t forget about the used cars down in San Antonio Texas.

If you need help with bad credit auto financing you can connect with hundreds of bad credit auto lenders across the country to see what you qualify for in your area. But if you shopping outside your state you may want to check multiple auto lenders and their offers.