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In House Financing in Chicago Illinois Is It Right For a Used Car Purchase

in house car financing used cars in Chicago IL

How we break down a used car purchase in Chicago Illinois with bad credit is two ways.

  1. We want to help you get connect with a subprime auto lender in Chicago and see what kind of price they can get you for a used car.
  2. We work with buy here pay here car dealers or in-house financing auto dealers in Chicago to get you the best bad credit auto loan rate.

When working with a used car dealer in Chicago Illinois

With both you will need to show the following to see what they can approve you for

  1. Show that you have income. You might have to show at least $2,000 a month depending on the car dealer you work with near you.
  2. You need to show that you have residency in the Chicago area.
  3. You need to have a bill in your name it can be like a cell phone bill or the cable bill.
  4. A down payment for the used car your looking to purchase is in good record the car dealership is going to look for this if you have bad credit or no credit. Car dealers look for around 10% of a down payment on most used cars.

Buy here pay here car dealers in Chicago sell you what’s on their car lot and you can take it or leave it. Some car dealers may ask for $500 down for a used car on their lot in Chicago.

But Buy here pay here car lots mean they finance the purchase of the used car right there. Meaning that you will have to make bi-weekly payments to the car dealership or weekly, whichever you set up.

What your going to need with most buy here pay here car dealers in Chicago Illinois

For most buy here pay here car lots in Chicago they look mostly at two things your income and your amount of a down payment. The more of a down payment you have the better off you will be. A good starting point is at $500.

Just make sure you make your payments on time with a buy here pay here car lot because they can take the used car back at any time. That’s why you want to have a large down payment for the car so you don’t have to pay for long at a buy here pay here car lot in Chicago.

We can help lead you to a buy here pay here car dealership in Chicago we work with many of them in the area and across the country, so you don’t have to be carless. We work with all credit types and its easy to get started with your auto loan.