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Sneaky Ways to Increase Your Credit for a Used Car in Atlanta Georgia

increase your credit for a used carNow you want to increase your credit because the banks have told you that they won’t lend to you for a car if you don’t increase your credit score by 50 points?

Raising your credit score for the better

Yes it sounds so simple but how do you do it?


You want to look at your credit file. Get a copy of your credit score you can usually get a FREE copy online.


Next tip you will want to do is stay at the job and address your currently at because that can drop your credit score.


You will want to set up a calendar to remind you to start paying your bills on time. Paying your bills on time goes a long way when you’re looking for help from an auto lender.


There are a ton of car dealerships in Atlanta that make sure your credit is good and you pay your bills on time before they chat with an auto lender they have that can help.


You might also want to have a little debt, so what we recommend is that you open up a credit card with a low limit on it, no more than $300 and make your payments on time.


One of the things that can happen to car buyers in Atlanta they apply for an auto loan like 5-6 times for a used car at a car dealership near them and actually submitting car loan applications can reduce your points you have.

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Fix up the credit mistakes or judgments you might have on your credit report you can get help from a company. That can remove judgments in a couple months or so if you have any.

Best thing you can do for buying a used car in Atlanta Georgia

Boost your credit for a used car in Atlanta

The best thing you can do in most cases is think like a bank. If you see a problem like not having a down payment for a used car or low credit and the interest is going to be high work on paying your debt down and save.


We have multiple used car dealers in Atlanta that can work with most credit situations.