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Buying a Car in Indianapolis IN starts with Knowing your Credit Score – Bad Credit Car Dealers in Indianapolis

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Is there an easy way to buy a car in Indianapolis, Indiana with bad credit? No there’s not but there are easier ways to get the car you want with bad credit and it all starts with knowing your credit score.


Knowing your credit score can put you a head of the car buying game but if you need a miracle buying a car. You can do it now and start the application.

Indianapolis car loan requirements for bad credit


There are some requirements that the car dealerships we work with need to have and that’s the following:


  1. License
  2. Your monthly income, which needs to be $2,000 or more
  3. Pay stubs to know you have a job
  4. And you need to be 18 years old


If you meet all the 4 requirements we can match you with a car dealership. But we go a step further than just getting you approved at a car dealership near you that will match you financially.

Make sure it’s the right car for you

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We want to make sure you have the right car to commute in Indianapolis. There is no need to have a lemon of a car that just makes driving the car that much harder. Finances do play a role in this part if you have bad credit you could see high interest rates that will blow the top off a car for you.


Shopping for a car no matter where its at you need to know the car dealership and the rates they like to give and negotiate with them a bit. Asking questions and weeding out the cars you don’t like is half the battle and that’s what were here for.

It never hurts to to talk price for a new or used car in Indianapolis but you have to come into the car dealership prepared. A car dealer can smell out a sucker so watch out you might want to have a friend along with you.


Be prepared at your Indianapolis car dealer


Being prepare for what the car dealer is going to throw at you is always fun to and we take a great step in making sure you have a solid car and car dealership to work with before you end up walking into the car dealer.


The process of car buying is not a race its more like a sprint and you want to be well conditioned for it. And know the facts and history of the car.

Make sure car dealers tell you the car history


And if the car dealer doesn’t share that information with you while on the road test or at his desk be polite and more on to the next car dealership look at it this way your looking to make an investment.


Not throw away money 4-5 years from now and that’s what can help you with. Pin Point the car dealers that are going to make the most sense for you and the money you want to spend.

Know the car you want before you make a trip to the car dealership you will be able to ask the right questions and make a solid offer. We help people daily with bad credit get car loans that work in Indianapolis Indiana.



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