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How To Budget As a Couple For a Used Car in Indianapolis Indiana

used car dealers down payments in Indianapolis

Budgeting as a couple to buy anything for the future can be hard because there might be a few things she wants and few things you want.


But let’s break it down when it comes to a car she might want new and you want to be used right?


Watch out for the car loan payment on a car in Indianapolis


Used does make more sense for most with the cost of new cars the average truck payment is $600 a month, so yes you want to pay that sucker off fast.


That’s less money in your pocket and we’re not sugar coating that new cars are a pretty penny.


That’s why you need to come up with a budget plan for a car no matter what it is or you can be riding your bike to work and between November to March not so fun in Indianapolis.


So what can you do? Yes, you can look at the no money down car dealerships in Indianapolis or the buy here pay here car dealers in your area.


Shopping rebates can be fun but pre-owned cars in Indianapolis is better


Used car loans in Indianapolis


Or you can shop the rebates and just go for test drives for a while. I’m here to tell you a used car is going to be cheaper over the long term and you want to make sure the budget just adds up.


As a couple, if you can put away $600-$800 over the next 4-6 months you might be in good shape for a used car and I mean like a 2016 loaded used car.


Nothing your mother drove in 1994 when minivans were cool, ah they never were but that’s just one opinion.


Next thing with $800 down you might want to see how well you can talk down the car dealership lets says on a used car that is in the $10K mark in Indianapolis.


Your next step could be figuring out your budget together and talk to us about the way we can connect car buyers on a budget with car dealerships in Indianapolis, hey we have been doing it for years!

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