What To Do If Your a First Time Car Buyer in Indianapolis Indiana

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Used car buying in IndianapolisYou want to buy a car but its your first time. It can be scary and if you’re not prepared it can feel like your being taken advantage of not a very good feeling at all.


But if your prepared the better off you will be so that’s where you want to start. You want to make sure you know the car you want and have compared rates and the value of the car. Is it new or used?

If your a first time car buyer in Indianapolis

For first time car buyers buying used is going to be the easier process for you because the used car is usually cheaper and the insurance you need for the car is going to be cheaper also.


Now most dealers will want a down payment so your going to have to either save up for this or negotiate for the price to go down. Most car dealers can wiggle around the car prices if you push hard enough.


Having a down payment of $500 or more for a used car in Indianapolis is going to help you with the monthly payments and the length of the auto loan. You need about 10% which is normal for a down payment on a car in Indianapolis.


As a first-time car buyer, you will need to show you are employed and make at least $1,800 a month or more. Car dealers can work the financing out with their auto lenders.


You will want to run through the numbers before you buy any used car. You want to make sure the car is going to fit into your budget.

Car sharing to buy a car

Knowing your credit score is going to help you out too. But know that buying a used car comes to the point of doing your research and saving.


Nothing is binding for the purchase of a used car until you sign for the car so make sure you know what you are getting, and you want what your getting because it will be yours for the next five years.

How we can help you purchase a used Car in Indianapolis

If you need help you can call us and we can connect you to a used car dealership near you in Indianapolis that will have a used car selection that fits your needs. We work with car buyers daily to make sure that the car loans they sign for are within their financial picture for the next few years and beyond. We want to help you too!