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Check List For New or Used Cars in the Indianapolis Indiana Area – Used Car Lots for Bad Credit


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Every car on every car lot in America has to have some kind of check list. Rather it be a new or used car in Indianapolis you need to find a used car check list before you buy the car.


If you don’t have a check list you won’t know what to look for or if your getting a rotten deal on car or not.


At we have a pretty solid car check list for both new or used cars. Just a heads up if you have bad credit most people head towards used cars in Indianapolis because they are easier to finance.


The check list for a new or used car in Indianapolis


Let’s start this check list with the following:


  1. Paint make sure the paint match and finish
  2. Lights and trim check for any damage
  3. Check for broken glass or cracked windows
  4. Wheels check for rim damage
  5. Car interior check for any wear and tear
  6. Oil use the dipstick
  7. Noises does the car sound right to you
  8. Under the hood is there any leaks
  9. Check the exhaust is there any blue or black smoke
  10. Tire make sure you have good tires on the car


Testing driving cars in Indianapolis

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Photo by OregonDOT

After all that you will want to take the car for a test drive and make sure that it passes the test for you with the following:


  1. Steering and gears
  2. Safety and security
  3. Acceleration and braking
  4. Space
  5. Comfort
  6. Handling


You will want to make sure it has all 6 of those on your check list or keep looking for a used car on the car lot. Unless you love it don’t buy it even if they have no money down options for the car available in Indianapolis.


Or if the car dealer is buttering you up stick to your guns and test drive more cars. There are a ton of used cars out there and financing one should be the least of your worries. Comfort with a car is number one for all car buyers or should be in Indianapolis.

Questions to ask the car dealer in Indianapolis

You will want to ask the car dealer some of the following questions after the test drive or if you’re really interested in one of the cars you tested out.


  1. Can I see the vehicle history report?
  2. Has the car been in any accidents?
  3. Has the mileage been checked?
  4. What is the HPI look like?
  5. What does the warranty cover?
  6. What’s included in the Price


Remember to purchase a car on your budget and that’s all that matters make a decision according to the miles per gallon. How often it will have to have work done and were not talking about oil changes. And comfort for the family comes first over all no matter what!

Auto Financing for a new or used car in Indianapolis

Auto financing is the last and easier step and it takes 2-3 minutes to apply for a car from the nearest car dealership. And what we do for you is match you with the best car dealer that will take care of you with your financials and credit score.



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