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Compare new and used car loans for bad creditGet Financed with one of our car dealers in Star City Arkansas. We work closely with bad credit car dealers along with buy here pay here car dealers. For years we have been working with people to get financing for new and used vehicles throughout Star City AR.

It can take some time to find a car new or used that is affordable and reliable for any kind of driving. Some car dealers have different auto financing options to suit your needs, like low money down, no money down car payments in Star City Arkansas or $500 down car payments in Star City AR.

Whatever your budget is we can find you the financing you need to get back on the road.

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Star City Arkansas low payment car loans

Budget for a used car
If your not sure about a budget for a used car we will ZERO in on a bad credit or buy here pay here car dealership that will make financial sense for you in Star City Arkansas.

Look at used cars in Star City Arkansas

Used cars for us can be the go-to and we would love to get you the correct financing for a used vehicle in Star City Arkansas. Start in less than a minute!

See what local Arkansas car dealers can offer

We have teamed up with the best possible auto dealers in Star City Arkansas to offer you the financing for bad credit you need. Working with car loan specialist daily to get you approved so you can have the right car.

Low in-housing auto financing in Star City Arkansas


Car loans with 500 down paymentsWith us, you have the ability to work with in-house auto financing which means there are no outside lenders. Now, this can mean that you might have a higher interest rate for some new or used cars in Star City Arkansas. A lot of the buy here pay here car dealers they don't really care too much about your credit, they want to see that you have the income to make payments on the car loan.

Most buy here pay here car dealers want you to have a down payment for the car of some kind it helps make the payments easier for you. You may have bi-weekly car payments or weekly car payments. We recommend these types of car dealers if you have really bad credit or have been turned down from an auto lender in Star City AR. You can see if you qualify for a buy here pay here car lot in Star City Arkansas in seconds.

We also have car dealers for bad credit in Kingsland  Arkansas, Pleasant Plains, and Grady Arkansas the car dealers work with used car financing and new car financing. Working with us we want to save you time at the car dealership so you can buy faster.


Income requirement for Star City Arkansas
Must have at least $1,550 a month.

What is the mileage on the used car?
Lower miles can mean low payment on the used car.

Are you looking at pre-owned or new cars?
We want to make sure you are qualified for the used car before you purchase.

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