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How Easy is a Low Payment Used Car

low down payment used cars

You know what I think is hilarious is when you are looking for cars any kind of car as long as it runs. But the title of the page is used cars under $25K or used cars under $15K.


Are used cars still overpriced


I mean shoot if I am going to buy a used car for under $15K why not see what a new car is going to be most of the new cars are around $45K but still, that’s a large nut to crack with $15K for a used car.


It must be no more than two years old for me to be interested in test driving the car or must have a low payment or a low down payment on the used car.


Seeing all these low payments or what people think is low payment options are car dealers make me laugh a little.


My thought of a down payment is a number I can afford. I was always told don’t buy a used car that’s going to put you over a payment that you can’t pay with at least one weeks worth of pay.


Now I know that’s hard for some put that’s how you stay ahead of this car loan that you have.


Thinking of a down payment on a used car


You should have an idea of the auto financing you need for a used car and a proper down payment. Most car dealers want $500 down on a used car or more.


If your credit is decent they may have a no money down payment on the used car but watch the interest rate rocket up. So if it doesn’t make sense for you and your reading it now just know $15K is still an amount that takes a lot to finance for a used car.


On some feeds, I follow I see people posting “I got $1,000 for a used car, what can I get?” Hey, that’s a good start for a down payment at the right car dealership.


You can try to buy here pay here car lots to nothing wrong with that.