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We Know You Hate Shopping for a Used Car in Philadelphia But Here’s Why You Want Too

Buying used cars in Philadelphia with bad credit

The one thing we most hate about car buying in Philadelphia is the time we have to take to car shop to make all the right moves for the new or used car.


That’s what kills most car deals is most people can’t find what they are looking for when it comes to car buying and especially with bad credit it can put you in a pinch.


The best way to work on your bad credit is to honestly pay down your debt and stay on time with your bills. Auto lenders want to see the payment history you have over time.


Stay on top of your credit for a car in Philadelphia


But the good news is that bad credit doesn’t have to stop you from getting a good deal on a new or used car in Philadelphia.


Now bad credit might not help with a $99 down car payment in Philadelphia. But we can help you find the car dealership that will have no problem helping you get financed.


No one asks for bad credit you kind of work your way there not that it’s a good thing but you do in a way.


You don’t start out with bad credit, if your late on payments or max out credit cards the banks will classify you as “high risk” when it comes to getting any type of loan.


You don’t want to owe any more realistically, but you will want to have some sizable debt so you can pay it off over time. The biggest thing banks look at is your payment history; it counts for 35% of your credit.


Keep what you owe on credit cards down for the lowest interest rates in Philadelphia


Car loans for bad credit in Philly


You don’t want to owe too much both you want to stay below 30% of your credit limit and start paying it down if you can weekly.


When you buy a car in Philadelphia having a decent credit score is going to help you out the most because you won’t get dinged for a high interest rate and your monthly car payment will be decent.


You want to aim for an interest rate no higher than 7% if you can and have a down payment for the used car of maybe $1000.