Why Buy Your Teen A Used Car in Philadelphia for Their First Car

Teen car buying used cars in Philadelphia

Did you know your 16-year-old is 1.8 times more likely to get a traffic ticket than the average driver? Yes, this can be an issue because traffic tickets can afford you points and points can afford you higher auto insurance.

Teens that get behind the wheel usually text, well 97% of them do but only 43% of teens admit it. Texting and driving is serious and auto accidents are no joke for the most part they can cause great injury to people. Some insurance companies will or may have you cover all the damages of an auto accident if found texting.

1 and 5 teen drivers have an auto accident in the first year of driving that means 20% of teens have auto accidents in the first year of driving.

Buy your teen a used car in Philadelphia Pennsylvania


Teen car buying used cars in Philadelphia


As a parent if you are looking for a car for your teen you should look at the used cars in Philadelphia to save money on the insurance bundle it may save you a few dollars.

If you put your teen through drivers end they are more likely to get more hours of training and that can save lives and save money on insurance premiums. There is nothing wrong with having a smart teen driver.

If the parent sets the rules for driving and monitor their behaviors in the car are 70% less likely to run a foul of the rules. So, parents watch your kids.

Teen driving is all about making sure your kid knows how to be a smart driver and knows or learns that driving is a privilege for them.

Plus, teen driving everywhere needs to be better cracked down upon for safer roads, one because insurance is sky rocketing already and it doesn’t have to be that high for used car buyers with bad credit.

Buying a used car with bad credit in Philadelphia is already hard enough don’t make insuring a used car even hard over time. Smart drivers are what we want on the road and that goes along with save drivers too.

Parents with good credit scores can get no money down offers for used cars in Philadelphia

If you’re a parent with a good credit score you could see if the car dealership will or can offer you no money down options on a used car in Philadelphia.