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What You Should Look For When Buying a $6000 Cheap Used Car in Tampa Florida

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cheap used car in Tampa FloridaThere are a ton of details to keep an eye out for with buying a used car or a cheap used car in Tampa Florida.

Figure out the used car you want in Tampa Florida


You want to decide on what you’re looking for domestic or foreign used cars. Once you have that figured out you want to look at the mileage. Really nothing over 90K the sweet spot is about 45K but that all depends on who you’re asking.


What to know before you buy a used car for $6,000 in Tampa FL


You want to see how many owners the used car has had and what kind of maintenance as been done to it. You can tell a lot about a used car from how well it’s been maintained.


  • You want to make sure that when your test driving a used car in Tampa Florida. That the car is cold don’t let the engine heat up beforehand.



  • Inspect the body of the car for prior damages. You want to make sure that everything lines up correctly and if the wheels aren’t center in the wells or the bumpers don’t line up that’s cause for concern.



  • Check the tires look at the tread and make sure you have a tire gauge you don’t want to be buying a used car with low tires and bad tread that means you could be spending $500+ on new tires in about three months.



  • Check the brakes you want the pads at about ½ so you don’t have to replace them right away.



  • You want to listen for any noises from the car so don’t get into it once the car is started. If you see a lot of black smoke coming from the car you just need to walk away from this used car.



  • You might want to put it up on a ramp to check underneath the car. Look for rust, surface rust is okay but don’t buy if there is deep rust under the car.



  • Check the interior of the used car make sure the seats are in good condition and the radio works plus the A/C. Check to see that the door handles all work.





  • Ask the owner for the history of the used car. Ask if it’s been in any accidents and make sure that the owner has clean title of the vehicle.


Dealing with used car dealers in Tampa Florida


If your dealing with a used car dealer for a used vehicle at $6,000 make sure you read the contract and discuss auto financing that will help. In the end, you just want to make sure that the used car is in good condition, low miles, and worth it for $6,000.

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