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Questions To Ask The Car Dealer When Buying A Car

Buying a new car is never as easy as it may seem. There can be a lot of questions you need to find answers to before you cough up any money for a car.

List of FAQs for new car buyers

new car buying

There is a list of questions that vary from car dealer to car dealer lets get you informed on the best ones. When you shop for a vehicle you will want to get the overall total price, cost of insurance, taxes, accessories, registration, and warranty. This cost can sometimes be more than you want for the overall cost of the vehicle so shop wisely.

If you get the warranty that is offered – know what you are getting. Make sure the warranty covers what you want. Mechanical and electrical are most likely covered by the warranty but let’s say you want tire protection or accessories protected you may have to pay more for that or it’s not included but ask the car dealer.

When or if you use the car dealer for their service center you can ask the car dealer where it is. Some car dealers work outside the dealer lot garages and other car dealers may have the service center within the dealership itself.

If your car gets damaged it’s a good idea to find out what the car dealership’s parts will cost. Ask if you have to make an insurance claim to have the work done on the car like fixing/or replacing the bumper. Small damages may not be covered by some insurance.

Getting insurance quotes

You might want to get insurance quotes from an outside insurance company you may get a better rate and discount than what the car dealership can offer you. But it’s always worth asking at the dealership so you can compare.

You should ask the car dealership if the vehicle was used as a “demo” car what some car dealers will do is use them as a “demo” but then put them on their lot as a new car. You want to make sure the car is not in any damage so have a 150 point inspection just to be safe.

What kind of auto financing can be offered?

Paying for a car upfront can be hard for most people so instead, ask about the auto financing they can offer or even the special financing they can offer on their vehicles. Sometimes if your credit is fair they can offer no money down on used cars.

If the dealer doesn’t have the said car on their lot you should be able to ask when the car is going to be delivered for you to see or buy.

To drive a car you need a plate and registration usually the car dealer will give you a paper plate to put in the window until you get the plate mailed to you. Asking the car dealership is good too.

Are there upgrades for the choice of vehicle?

You can ask if the car you’re looking at has an upgraded version coming soon, if so, you can wait for that car. When buying cars, used cars you more than likely want to purchase a car that is about three or four years old most manufacturers by that time have fixed any major issues with the vehicles.