Best Route For Used Cars in New Orleans with Bad Credit or No Credit

used car no money down car dealer options in New OrleansDo you have happy shoes for car buying, maybe? If you have good credit because that means you can get a good deal on a car in New Orleans.


Here are some step by step guidelines for any car buyer with bad credit or good credit.


Remember to do your homework before you go car shopping and know how you’re going to pay for the car before hand.


  1. Always start with a budget
  2. Check your credit
  3. Buying or leasing
  4. How much can you afford
  5. Finding the best car for you


These are all things you need to consider with buying a new or used car in New Orleans. Now most dealers that we can work with have financing for bad credit and that can make you put your happy shoes on but we want to make sure it’s the right car dealer for you.


It’s a know fact that car buyers have no clue what they can afford and if we can help we will. When you’re shopping for a car and have bad credit as they say you need to shop for the whole price of the car not the down payment or the monthly payment on the used car.


Shop for what you can afford and not for what you want per say that will come in time. Look at what you can spend on a used car than go get pre-qualified and work with a car dealer. Some car dealers in New Orleans might have no money down car payments depending on credit scores.


That’s honestly the best route to go for a new or used car because than your not spending a lot and you are sticking with your budget and that’s key when you have bad credit and little money to put down on a car.


Trust me your not a lone with this there are millions of people that just walk into a car dealership with no homework being done. Do your homework than get approved than go to the car dealership and drive home with the car.


Think about the gas your going to have to spend weekly on the car, the car insurance, and maintenance fees too they all play into buying a car.


To be honest car financing for a used car is a lot easier than you think with bad credit when you start the process online looking at New Orleans used car lots.



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