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Car Dealers Need To Sell More New Cars and Here’s Why

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Car dealers are now at the point where they have too many new cars sitting and that is bad for their bottom line. There are about four million new cars sitting on car lots right now.

That can mean a shift in what car dealership are doing they may not just fix and sell new and used cars in Philadelphia anymore. The four million cars just sat there so that will mean that car sales will be cool this year.

Some car dealerships are thinking of going all out with transportation centers with so many new cars on their car lots. You always have to be on your toes when you have four million cars just sitting I guess.

There’s a used car shift at car dealer lots

I still say the shift is because the new car price is just way too high used cars are half the price and who really cares if you have 2017 instead of 2019. It’s the same car just has some miles on it.

If you get a pre-owned car in Philadelphia from a car dealer you might have 25K miles over two or three years.

I know people that lease cars and drive maybe seven or eight thousand miles a year and if you do the math on that its only 21K-24K miles and its only two years old, it has a lot more road to travel.

Plus the cost of a used car isn’t high with a down payment of $500 or maybe $1000 you might be able to get a four-year auto loan on the used car at an affordable rate.

See the new cars coming out it’s like $90 for the car yes it has the newest technology but who cares I need a car to get to work most people say.

Car buying in Philadelphia starts online

Another interesting point is that people aren’t walking that many car lots in Philadelphia anymore, no they’re doing most of their looking online. Did you know that 60% of car buying now starts online?

So that means two things:

1. Car buyers are coming to the car dealership and already knowing what they can afford and if the car dealer wants to sell they will make it painless.
2. Online, makes it hard for the car dealership to sell a newer car to anyone.

People are always looking for car deals and rebates. They want the best deal with little or no money down on a used car in Philadelphia and if they don’t get the deals they walk.

Do you know how you get the car deal you want when you’re at the car dealership? You’re not scared to walk from any car deal if it’s not what you can afford.

Most car loan budgets aren’t in the 40K-50K range for a new car it’s half that or less.

We can help you connect with car dealers that have specific cars for your need with income and budget in Philadelphia. Starting today is the best approach to a used car.