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Are you credit wise with buying a used car in Philadelphia with bad credit

The Credit Pros

bad credit car loans in Philadelphia low money downLet me ask you a question are you credit wise? Now its not a stupid question but do you know your credit score before you sit down and shop for a car online?


Did you know that most people don’t know their credit score at all and that can get you into trouble with car buying because your stuck with an auto loan rate that’s sky high.


Being credit wise can save you money on a car and make you smarter about your buying decisions.

Good credit for the best deals on used cars in Philadelphia

To get the best deal on a car you need good credit and if you don’t have good credit you need to find a way to get it. Or be financed with a car dealership that has the banking set up for you to successfully buy the car with the credit you have.


Plain and simple a 540 credit score isn’t going to get you much you need a 600 score to get a decent priced car or have a $500 down car payment on the car in Philadelphia.


Now there might be dealers that we can set you up with that have better programs but you have to qualify for them.


Some car dealers offer $99 down car payments on used cars in Philadelphia but that might be with your current car traded in.


That’s why it’s important to know what kind of car loan deals are out there and get pre-qualified online before you have to be at the car dealership.

Is car shopping fun with bad credit in Philadelphia

Let me telling you this I know car shopping is fun but it can turn ugly when you forget to put in place auto financing first. It’s the most important part of car buying and the smartest move before the car dealership.


Here is an easy plan for a used car: find it online than get pre-approved for it if you need a co signer get one than test drive it at the car dealership than have them process the paperwork.


No need to go to the bank for them to tell you that your credit is too low and this is the best we can do for you for a car in Philadelphia.

With the best auto financing you will have access to the best car deals on any car dealers car lot you just have to get financed for it first and move on to the second step.



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