Choose Between a New or Used Car in Philadelphia with Low Money Available – Used Car Options in Philadelphia

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Cars aren’t cheap any more and more than likely your going to have to take out a loan at the bank to buy one. But the only is if you can pay for it, so that will make you have to do some research and homework.

Your take home money is going to have to be saved for a used car in Philadelphia if your credit is not up.


Having great credit is a plus too you. But having bad credit can make you have a bad day and we aren’t just talking bad you’ll probably have an 18%-25% interest rate on a bad credit auto loan in Philadelphia.

What’s good for a used car loan in Philadelphia

Not good if you’re looking to buy a new car. You will have to buy a used car because they are a bit cheaper and you can always talk the car dealer down on a used car.


A 600 credit score might get you a 6% interest rate on the used car so you will want to find out from the car dealership what your down payment options are for a used car in Philadelphia.


A good credit score can some times mean a no down payment option on a used car in Philadelphia but that all depends on the used car dealership you go to.

Do your homework on a used car in Philadelphia

That’s why we recommend that doing your homework online is a good start to know where your credit score lets you stand financially.


If you have no credit isn’t going to be even harder for you to finance a car with a good interest rate so we want prepare you for the best.

What we can do for you with the used car dealer

We work with car dealers for bad credit or no credit so we can come back to you and let you know the best financing options you may have with your credit score.


The more money you have for a down payment on a used car in Philadelphia the better you will stand monthly to month with an afford car loan.


But you have to talk with the car dealer on the used car options they have and if you like the options make a deal and drive. Cars are very negotiable especially used cars because car dealers want to move the inventory so get start now with your used car.



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