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How to Get a Car With A Good Credit Score but Have No Money Down Options in Philadelphia PA

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You may think that car loans in Philadelphia are a drop in the bucket for most but that’s not the case at all. Planning to buy a car with bad credit in Philadelphia takes a ton of research.

Have a plan for a used car in Philadelphia

And with that planning you need to know your credit score to make sure you know where you fall financially.


The sooner you know your credit score the fast you know what kind of car you can buy and make manageable payments on. Every car dealer in Philadelphia looks at your credit score differently.


That’s why you want to go into the car dealership with the best possible credit score and make your choice with knowing what you can handle.


Now it’s not a bad thing to get your credit score up to the 600’s and have a down payment of $750-$1,000.

Why does a down payment matter for a used car in Philadelphia

When you have a big down payment like that car dealers are going to want to negotiate with the auto lenders in Philadelphia a lot more aggressively because the car dealer doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of selling  a car.


Having a decent down payment is worth the wait. And you never know what the car dealer can do for you.


But when you have no money down and need a car in Philadelphia your credit score can be the only factor that can get you to the top of your budget.


We always recommend that you have a strong credit score and apply to 2-3 dealerships to see what they can do for you.

Narrow down a used car in Philadelphia

Working with we have the ability to narrow down and focus in on a car for you and match you with the car dealer with your specific financial statement.


There is no more time to drive from dealer to dealer to get denied anymore. Work with one dealership that we can help you find and let the negotiating begin for that dream car.


We help people with little to no money for a car find the affordable option for a used car in Philadelphia. Now not all car loan options are available or the same for every one. That’s why we encourage you to find out what you are approved for.



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