How to purchase a used car in Philadelphia PA that won’t break down. Used car lots near Philly

no credit check auto loans Philadelphia PaLet’s face it with a used car the big thing is that the car doesn’t break down when you’re on the road because that can cause a major hazard and the cops come and shut down a lane of traffic and that’s no fun.


When you know that its going to take the tow truck 90 minutes to come and take care of your car because your gas pedal ain’t cuttin’ for you anymore.

Don’t buy any used car in Philadelphia PA

And it would suck even worse if you just spent 5 hours at the car dealership the day before but didn’t take it for a test drive. Now if your dad never taught you this I will always no matter what take the car around the block two or three times.


You want to know what’s really pumping under the hood and how cold that used car can get. Even if the car dealer says this car was tuned up yesterday say to them I need the keys and kick the gas pedal.

Smart used car buyers in Philadelphia PA

Any smart car buyer in Philadelphia will do these two things:


  1. Shop used car rates online before they walk into a car lot.
  2. Test drive the vehicle before they sign on the dotted line.


And for a bonus they will double check their credit score so they can get the best chance at auto financing, even that $99 down used car payment at their local Philadelphia car dealership or better yet that no money down option on a used car in Philly.


So that’s the perks of checking your credit score before you get your shoes dirty at the car dealer near you in Philadelphia.


And what we mean by getting your shoes dirty is kicking the tires. Make sure they stay on.

The way we look for auto financing in Philly

Our networks of used car dealers in Philadelphia want to get you driving and that’s what we are here to do for you.  So take your time do your research on used car financing and pre-qualify before anything happens at the car dealership.


Car financing is all over the place in Philly so don’t feel rushed make it work for your budget and be happy with your car.



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