No Money Down Options For Columbia South Carolina Car Buyers

If you are seriously considering a purchase of a new car, the truth is you’re probably already looking at new cars. You may even be looking at local car dealers in Columbia South Carolina.


But don’t buy a car like your friends did, do the research. You don’t have to live up to the hype of a new car just because your friend bought one.


Yes a new car is nice to have but that’s not why you buy a new car. You buy it to drive it to work and back and other fun things you do on the weekend.


The truth about new cars on South Carolina car lots


Just so you know a new car depreciated quickly. That new car you just bought with the five year car loan will depreciate at the rate of 15%-25% each year.


A new car is not an investment they are cool to drive but really not worth the new car price.

Shopping for Used Cars in Columbia South Carolina



You can shop used cars in Columbia South Carolina and get a better deal. You can get a better monthly payment on a used car but you won’t know that unless you do the research. There is always a low down payment used car waiting for you in Columbia SC.

No money down car options in Columbia SC




Many car dealers in Columbia South Carolina will try and get you into the car dealerships with no money down cars in Columbia SC offers but they may not all be the same.


Here are some great tips to remember when purchasing a new car in South Carolina or anywhere.


  1. If you finance the car new or used you don’t own it out right
  2. With a new car you will get way less for your money in the long run
  3. A new car isn’t an investment
  4. Most warranties aren’t what they say they are
  5. You will pay more in insurance on a new car.


We can help you get the financing you need in Columbia South Carolina with good or bad credit just fill out our car loan form.