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New or used cars we have thousands of cars for you to search from in Jacksonville Florida but we do recommend that you do your research on the car you want before you go into a used car dealer near you. Know what your budget is and the down payment you plan on doing because this will help you save on your monthly car payment.

Knowing your credit score too never hurt either the more you know about the car the more negotiating power you have with the car salesman. 

Once you know your budget and the car your looking at you can lock in your secure auto loan at a car dealership near you. You can apply with our short form with no obligation, start it now. 


Auto Loan Rates For Bad Credit Used Car Loans in Jacksonville Florida

We will work to lock in the best used car loan rates in Jacksonville Florida for you regardless of your credit history but you want to be an educated car buyer and we will help you with your credit score and credit report.

Your credit isn’t the only thing that are lenders in Jacksonville FL look at but if you have a 600 credit score or below we are here to help you because that’s what we specialize in for all bad credit car buyers. But if you have better than a 600 credit score we can help you too!

No money down options on cars in Jacksonville Florida

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New and used cars in Jacksonville Florida with no money down option available

The bottom line for a car loan in Jacksonville Florida With No Money Down


We help you find low payment to no money down cars in Jacksonville Florida. We help thousands of car buyers get auto financing for pre-owned cars in Jacksonville. 

But the bottom line is that the car is your choice we just try to get you the lowest down payment you can find. We want to make paying for a car easy again and it all starts with a little research with us. We will match you with the best shot auto dealer in Florida.