Is a No Money Down Used Car Worth it in Atlanta Georgia With Bad Credit

no money down cars in Atlanta

Thinking about it do you know if no money down option on a car in Atlanta will be worth it for you? Most car dealers will say it because they can make bank off the interest rates.


But having a down payment might actually be savings for you. Yes having a down payment can shorten the term of the auto loan and make the monthly payments more manageable for some people.


No money down cars in Atlanta sounds good until you go to the car dealership and see how they work you with no money down option on a used car.


Why some people may want a down payment for a used car


Having no money down and bad credit is difficult to get approved for and you don’t want to wait for the car dealership to have to accept you at a 19% interest rate, right?


Yeah, that’s not so good so having a down payment of $500 is a good start for most but the more you put down the better the loan term will be.


Ideally, the car dealerships want you to have cash near $1000 it makes the loan smoother. No money down cars does sound inviting and some car dealers in Atlanta will let you put a little down but just make sure you know the auto loan terms.


Watch out for the down payment options on a used car


You don’t want to be paying for the used car ten years from now.  So know the car loan options for no money down cars in Atlanta before you say yes to the car dealer.


Taking the guesswork out of car buying is what we handle and just remember just because it says no money down options on used cars in Atlanta. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to show proof of income.


You might end up working with a subprime auto lender in Atlanta unless your credit score is above a 600. Fill out the easy auto loan form and talk to the car dealer.