Best Car Deals in Chicago IL

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best car deals in ChicagoWhen buying a new or used car you want to work with a straight shooter car dealership that shoots straight from the hip and doesn’t use fancy sweet words that entice you to come into the dealership.


Know the RRP for the car you want to purchase


The thing that we would encourage you to do is look at the retail price of the car you want to buy and see how high the car dealer has the price. After that, if you decide to go into the car dealership is willing to negotiate on that price. You know the retail price so try and talk the car dealer down to a comfortable price.


Because financing a new or used car isn’t the only expense you might need to keep upon. Keep in mind that even if you are getting financed you can negotiate the price. But you want to make sure the car deal is financially stable for you.


The car dealership might even offer you 0 down on the used car but make sure you know what that means. Not all car deals can be good when the car dealership says $0 down for a used car.


Buying a car in Chicago Illinois


When trying to buy a new or used car in the Chicago Illinois area you will want to see what type of auto financing you can get and don’t forget to read the fine print.


If you qualify for a $0 down used car in Chicago make sure you know what your financing is going to be because some car dealerships might have hidden fees in the contract.


With our help, we can get you qualified with a local Chicago area car dealership that offers no money down buy here pay here cars.


You can aim for a new car purchase deal:


  • Make sure you have a 600 credit score or higher
  • You should have about 20% down for the car but some car dealerships might allow 10%
  • Don’t go over a five-year car loan term


If a new car dealership is what you’re looking for the steps above will help get you into that position.


Also, make sure you don’t miss a payment on your car that can put you behind and can hurt future financing.


We have a network of car dealerships that can help with any credit situation auto loan so you can get an affordable car payment.