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Should You Buy Certified Used Cars in Chicago No Money Down

Certified used cars with no money down in Chicago ILIt can be a huge decision to buy a car for the family you have to decide rather to buy or lease a car. Sometimes certified used cars are good to look at in Chicago with little to no money down.


What you need to do is determine how much to spend on a car new or used.


  • The rule of thumb is to spend no more than 25% of your take-home income on a new or used car in Chicago Illinois.
  • Make sure you include maintenance, car payment, gas, and insurance costs into the total of the car.


Deciding on buying a new car or leasing can be a complex question for most people. But its really just a financial question of what you can afford. Buying a used car might be worth your while you’ll get more car for your money, but the downside is a long car loan for some.


How to look at auto financing on a certified used car in Chicago


As far as auto financing for a certified used car with bad credit in Chicago you might want to consider the following.


  • You will want to obtain pre-approval at a credit union it can save you money over the local car dealership financing and it can help you narrow down the certified used cars you can afford in Chicago
  • You really want to compare auto loan rates from banks vs credit unions often credit unions are going to be two percent lower than banks. The bank rates can at times be very high.


Connect with a certified used car specialist for bad credit in Chicago to narrow down the financing options available to you. There are lots of them out there.


See if local car dealerships in Chicago offer special financing or promotions for used car loans with little money down in the Chicago area.


Save for a down payment for a certified used car in Chicago


Shopping around and do your research is really the best way to approach used car buying especially with certified used cars in Chicago Illinois. Most car dealers in Chicago like to work with $1000 down for a used car but you can also find used cars with $500 down in Chicago.


Here is what we suggest doing for a certified used car in Chicago Illinois


  • Do your research
  • Get the pre-approval from a local credit union
  • Have a down payment in mind
  • Seek out two to three car dealerships with special financing


This can help you make a better buying decision on a used car and work with a car dealership that’s going to give you the best used car for the money. There is nothing wrong with having certified used cars in Chicago on your list to check out.