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Where Can You Buy Zero Down Cars in Chicago Illinois

The Credit Pros

zero down cars in Chicago IllinoisTo be honest most car dealers want you to just come into their car dealerships with the enticing words of zero down car payments.


Really the car dealerships in Chicago don’t really have much say on the matter of the down payment or not. It’s the lenders that are going to be taking on your loan that will tell the car dealer what they want for a down payment.


Expect a down payment when buying a car in Chicago Illinois


Unless you have good credit and I mean like 790 credit scores you should expect to have a down payment of some kind on a car.


Now the only other way that a down payment might not exist is if you work with a buy here pay here car dealer in Chicago. They might not ask for one. These car dealers are known as “in-housing financing car lots”.


Sometimes buy here pay here is the best option in Chicago


You may have the best options for no money down cars at an in-house financing car dealer in Chicago if you’re low on cash for a down payment but know that it might not always help your credit.


Zero down is just the way the car dealership advertises car buying for low credit. You want to read the fine print on everything because that’s how a car dealership can get you.


Like you think “oh sweet I can get a car for no money down sounds sweet until your paying $350 for a 2014 Kia Forte in Chicago Illinois, not so sweet.


Reading the fine print when you are in the dealership can go a long way for buying a used car from a buy here pay here car lot or any car dealership in Chicago that has the offer “zero down”. I’m not saying it’s not a big thing to see what the car dealer has to say but prepare for the worst.


If you need help with local auto financing for bad credit in Chicago Illinois we can help connect you to our dealerships and get fast online auto loan approval. Find a used car in Chicago with our used car tool below.