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Why A Used Car Can Be Your Best Option in Chicago Illinois With Bad Credit

1000 down payment on a used car in Chicago IL

The best way to honestly purchase a car is to go with a used car or what they call a pre-owned car. It’s going to be cheaper with auto insurance and regular maintenance as long as you get a used car that’s a 2013 or better.

Buy a used car that lasts in Chicago Illinois

The next thing you want to do and I have always done this is to buy a used car and drive it till the wheels fall off of it. Cars are now lasting at least 10 years or more on the road depending on how well you take care of them. The overall wear and tear on the used car do have a lot to do with the “life” of the vehicle.


I suggest you do a little digging on a used car at your local Chicago used car lots. You might be able to find a used car under 10K in the Chicago area that is going to be a gem to take care of.


Cars are getting super expensive now and unless you have a trade in an auto loan for a used car in Chicago might be the only option, now if that’s the case you want to go to your credit union first and see if they can work out an auto loan rate for you.


Because the car dealership is going to work out an auto loan with your credit score and make sure the lender is willing to do it and they may say yes but at a higher interest rate and you want to pay the car off fast because paying the interest over the loan will not be good.

Its okay to haggle with used car dealers in Chicago


Talk to the car dealerships, more than one if you can because all car dealers in Chicago are different, some might have low credit car loans, no money down options on used cars in Chicago, or a buy here pay here option for used cars in Chicago.


So its okay to haggle a bit for a used car, some days I wish I did a little bit more than I did when I bought my car.


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