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Why Good Condition Means More Than Mileage For Used Cars in Chicago

Good condition vehicles in Chicago



Some people may shop for a car new or used cars just off mileage but do you know how important checking out the mileage is to a used car or pre-owned car is?

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Really, for the most part, the mileage is useless you ideally, want to buy a used car off the condition of the car. It has high miles but still runs based on its condition you can still take it under consideration.

Don’t decide on mileage alone on a used car in Chicago


Yes, you want to take a look at the mileage but if the used car isn’t in the shape that would make it last you will want to pass on it.


The condition of the car will make more sense than mileage will. In a nutshell, mileage means nothing if the car was well cared for. Most pre-owned cars sit at about 30K-45K miles but that’s not going to matter if the person leasing the vehicle barely took good care of the ride.


Pre-owned cars are really the best car loan deals at local car dealerships in Chicago. Yes, cars coming off a lease you can get the best deals on.


When buying a used car you spend most of your time researching the overall condition of the car so we are talking about the car history report most of all.


Why shop lease cars with low miles in Chicago


Low miles on a used car get you into the car lot but the way the vehicle was taken care of will help you become sold on the used car. Plus if it’s coming off a lease the cost of the car will be lower.


When buying a used car yes mileage might mean nothing but what will mean something is the total price of the vehicle. Ideally, you don’t want to buy a super expensive car that is going to depreciate over time (a new car)


So looking at used cars now makes more sense than ever before, as a result, you want to put zero down on a used car in Chicago Illinois and always try to pay cash for a two to a three-year-old vehicle that doesn’t lose value.


Right now a used car with 150K miles could have problems but your going to want to look at the condition of the vehicle overall.


Never try to finance a vehicle that’s going to lose depreciation but if you have to make the down as high as you can afford and finance no more than three years.

A good condition car trumps mileage every time and that’s the truth. If you can get an extra 80K miles out of a used car the current mileage isn’t going to matter.


The key is working with a car dealership that you know has taken care of all the cars on their lot even the lease vehicles. It a good sign of comfort knowing you can trust the dealership with good quality vehicles.


As the car buyer look at the contract though on the lease to make sure you not “eating” the fees the car dealership lost out on some car dealers will try and throw them in with the chance you over-read that put or don’t understand it.


Car dealers typically don’t want to spend much time on the education of buying a leased or new car so that’s why you need to dig for the proper research for the pre-owned vehicle.


Car dealer tip for any car buyer in Chicago


Car dealer tip – ask the car dealership about most recent lease trade-ins they can be your best deal and most taken care of vehicles at the car dealership.


When working with the car dealership know the contract and how the dealer puts it together don’t leave questions of comfort hanging.