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Car Safety on the Road in Dallas Texas After a Breakdown

car safety on the road dallas TexasIn an event of a break down on the road you want to make sure you do the following:

 The proper way to stay safe after a break down on the road

·        Wearing a high visibility vest if one is available to you. You want to make sure people see you on the road.

·        Get your car off the road if you can.

·        Use your hazard lights. (also known as your warning lights)

·        Stand away from the car. (to avoid being hit from oncoming traffic)

·        Keep your side lights on in poor or dark visibility.

·        Place a warning triangle on the same side of the road behind your car.

If your on the highway it’s a little different for car safety after a break down. You want to do the following:

·        You want to leave the car via the left side doors.

·        You want make sure all passengers are kept away from a hard shoulder.

·        Stay to the left.

·        Never put a warning triangle on the highway. (Maybe the should of the highway)

·        Use a cell phone to call help. But face traffic when you’re on the phone.

Taking these steps may help you in a hurry if you’re broke down on the side of the road or highway in Dallas Texas.

There are tons of used cars and new cars that break down on Dallas Texas highways and we just want you to be safe.

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