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Debt Free Auto Financing on Used Cars in Dallas Texas

debt free auto financing in Dallas Texas

Taking care of your debt is the fast track to getting a good credit score and in return when you want or need an auto loan that’s where low debt is going to help you the most you don’t want to max out credit cards when your looking for an auto loan.

Paying off your debt can help you finance a car in Dallas Texas

No, you want to pay off the amount you owe, because most car dealers and banks don’t like what they call “high risk” auto loans. High risk means that you have bad credit and you want an auto loan in most cases for over $25K which auto lenders will look at your payment history and credit score above all to see what you do to spend your money.

You really want to have a car payment that is reasonable to the income you make usually no more than 20% of your income. Now you can help yourself a bit with a down payment and you just want to stack away the money if you can.

Car loan payments now average about $523 a month for a new car that’s also depending on your credit. You really should look at your finances before buying a new car.

Maybe all you can afford is a used car in Dallas Texas and that’s fine more and more drivers are riding their used cars out until they die (the car dies).

Sometimes a used car can be cheaper to own than a new car in Dallas Texas

Smart move because it can be cheaper to fix a car when it happens than to finance a car at your local Dallas car dealership. Now that’s not to say if you find a low payment used car at a Dallas car dealership you shouldn’t see what it takes to get pre-approved.

But work on your debt will help your credit score and in return make it possible for you to buy the car you want. Finding the right auto financing does take time and with bad credit you might have to work a few.

Finding the right car dealership that can handle your credit is our job and we have been doing it for years and would like to help you finance the right new or used car in Dallas Texas