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Tire Pressure Icon Most Millennials Dont Know What That Is

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young people and tire pressure iconsNot saying that all young drivers are stupid but there is a new study out that says millennials are more familiar with texting emjois then they are the low tire pressure symbol on the dashboard.

Now if you’re going to own a car don’t care where it is in the USA you need to know what you’re operating. The little symbol on your dashboard is calla TPMS warning icon.


The icon tells you if you have low tires and most of the new cars now have digital displays of what side the tire is low. When the icon comes on it can mean.


  • A tire is punctured
  • Leaking tire due to a rim leak
  • Or that the tire is going low because of the weather change


Low tires can mean a lot for your car. It can mean uneven treads, a decrease in gas, and poor handling. It’s said that 88% of young people don’t know what the icon is.


So it’s a good idea to keep yourself away when you get in your car that you make sure your tires are in good shape for driving. Car safety is no joke and to have the right pressure in your tires can help with your safety driving on the roads.


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