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The Don’t Of A Houston Texas Used Car Test Drive

The Credit Pros

donts of a houston TX used car test drive

There are a lot of dos and don’ts for buying a car and right now we are going to talk about the don’ts of buying a car in Houston Texas.


The don’t rules of a test drive


First thing is if you are going to test drive some vehicles don’t rush the test drive you want to feel it all out. Have enough time to drive the car. Some car salesmen are going to rush you with the test drive.


Bring your family along for the test drive, you want to bring along the people that are going to help you with the purchasing decision on the vehicle.


Don’t let the salesman tell you where the test drive is going to take place. You want to feel the car out so you tell them where you want to take the vehicle. Just so you know if this does happen the car salesman might be hiding something wrong with the vehicle.


If the car salesman is talking too much on the test drive? Tell them you want to focus on the drive. Sometimes car salesman will try that to get you distracted so you have no idea what’s going on.


This one is important don’t forget to ask the car salesman any questions you might have for the car. If it’s a used car in Houston Texas you might want to ask how many owners the car has had or when was the car last worked on.


Car buyers are now asking for car fax reports before the test drive just to be sure and safe.


After the test drive talk auto financing


If you feel comfortable after the test drive you then can talk about the auto financing options on the car. Do remember that the better your credit score is the better car loan incentives they will have like no money down car payments on used cars in Houston Texas.


There are a ton of dos and don’ts for car buying and we want to make sure your covering it all with a good test drive.