Why People Don’t Sacrifice For A Down Payment on Car in Houston Texas

Down payments on a used car in Houston Texas

Saving for a down payment for a used car in Houston Texas isn’t always so easy. A lot of people won’t sacrifice for a down payment of any kind.


Did you know that 19% of people won’t give up their cable for a down payment 7% won’t give up their coffee for a down payment on a used car.


13% of people won’t even give up their vacation for a down payment. Now that’s kind of weird but we understand that people don’t think of a down payment when they go to buy a car but should.


Down payments can help with used cars in Houston Texas


Down payments on used cars do help but there is also no money down car payments in Houston Texas you can look into if you have decent credit.


So how do people pay for the down payment most of the time for a car? Savings is 63% but that can mean retirement savings and if that’s the case you might want to look at a low priced used car in Houston Texas.


Some people might pick up a second job for more income that is becoming more of a trend now.


Some people will ask their family members to co sign for them on a new or used car which isn’t a bad idea if you’re in a pinch.


Here is a small break down of saving your money for a car can do to your bank account.


Save for a big down payment on a used car


Start saving in a big way by cutting back or cutting these things out for a while until you have your new or used car in Houston Texas.


Starbucks – $730 a year VS Homebrew $138 a year

Cable – $1,200 a year VS Netflix $108 a year

Gym membership $480 a year VS Home workout $0


It’s not a huge savings per year but it’s a start for a new or used car.