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What a Down Payment Can Do For You on a New or Used Car in San Antonio Texas

no down payment cars in San Antonio TXGetting an auto loan can be hard and having bad credit makes it harder. You have to show proof of income and that means having a steady job.


Now if you’re looking hard for a new or used car in San Antonio you will want to compare car deals everyday.


When you have bad credit the odds are against you in most cases to get a decent interest rate because the car dealer or bank will think you can’t or won’t pay back the auto loan.


In San Antonio we work with people that have challenged credit to get them a car with a low payment and some times a payment with no money down in the San Antonio area.


Not all car dealerships in Texas offer no money down options on cars but we can match you up with the best fit car dealer financially.


We will say that a down payment does help though for a new or used car and the car dealer can do a lot more for you if you show you can put a little money down.


Ideally you want to put around 10% of what the vehicle price is and remember you aren’t negotiating the monthly payments when you’re buying the car you want to negotiate the total cost of the car.


A good starting point if you have any money to put down on a new or used car in San Antonio is to start at $500 or more. That will usually tell the car dealer you are serious about paying down on the car.


One of the reasons why car dealers want a down payment most of the time with bad credit is because they have to decide if the loan that they’re giving is worth the value of the car.


When you have bad credit you are a risk to car dealers because your track record shows you might not pay on your auto loan. So putting down something is always going to help you.


Shop smart go over your choices and ask what the car dealership can do for you to add a bonus onto the car, maybe an incentive if you have $500-$800 to put down.


Remember a down payment isn’t a bad idea if you want to get approved for the best price on the car. And you want the car dealership to take a chance on you. Down payments can and will increase your odds for an auto loan on a new or used car.


We will help you figure out the best route to take for a down payment option with the car dealership and make sure it fits into your budget.

Bad Credit Auto Financing in the San Antonio Texas Area

If you need help with auto financing we can do that we specialize in down payment option auto loans in San Antonio Texas. It takes a minute to fill out the short car loan application and you could be trying by the end of the day today.



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