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Are There Zero Down Car Loans in Coconut Creek Florida?

Used cars for sale with bad credit Coconut Creek Florida

Zero down cars in Coconut Creek Florida are getting harder and harder to find because with no money down cars you will be hit with a higher interest rate and other car loan fees.


What to really put down on a car in Coconut Creek Florida


The best suggestion is to put down $1,000 on the car you want to purchase or at least $500 down on the car in Coconut Creek FL.


If you’re looking for a subprime lender money down is usually the only good solution for a car loan. Most subprime lenders won’t lend money out if there isn’t a down payment.


It is bad practice to not have a down payment for a car in Coconut Creek Florida for the simple fact that you will be paying more on the car and for a longer period of the auto loan term.


The whole point of an auto loan is to pay it off the fastest way you can and not have an auto loan over your head for more than 60 months. And with no money down cars in Florida, it might be higher than that.


With the average car loan around $35K for a new car, you’re looking at a 96-month auto loan. If you have bad credit or poor credit and are looking at subprime lending in Florida you will probably be looking at 100+ month auto loan.


I always suggest used cars in Coconut Creek Florida because they are cheaper and car dealers are more negotiable with them than a new car on the lot.

Look at pre-owned vehicles in Coconut Creek Florida


Pre-owned vehicles are not a bad way to go and it beats having a 96-month auto loan that’s just stupid. You can at times find a pre-owned car with low miles for about 9-10K cheaper and it’s only two years old.


We have expanded our car dealer network to many cities in Florida to help you get connected with the best car dealership to help you with low money down the auto loan or a subprime auto loan. There are a few Miami area car dealers that can offer special financing.