Let’s Talk No Money Down Cars Possibility an Electric Used Car

no money down cars Jacksonville Florida

Let’s do a little Prius talk not that it’s a favorite car but the 2019 Prius will feature something that it never has before and that’s an AWD electric.


An electric Prius is not my go-to car not even for a family vehicle but everyone has their own needs and wants, mine just isn’t a Toyota.


There is a new Prius now


This new Prius will allow you to go 50MPG without losing grip on the road. The 2019 Prius will be on the higher end of the price scale but an L eco model that offers affordability for everyone


The Prius will also have a different battery to the regular model.


Even if you have bad credit and want to see what you can afford with an electric vehicle may be the 2019 Prius is in store for you.


With the Prius you might not find any no money down cars but at least you know that the makers of the Prius are trying to come out with a more eco-friendly car.


Keep in mind the price of a used electric Prius


Right now you can figure that you’re going to be spending around $7-$11K on a used electric Prius at a local Jacksonville Florida dealership.


That’s for at least a five to six-year-old Prius on a used car lot. If you want help financing a used car in Jacksonville Florida we can connect you to a car dealership that will best fit your budget and needs.