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Tips For When You Buy a Used Car at a Used Car Dealership

The Credit Pros

used car down payment options

A lot of people want to find a car simple and fast and not have to wander a car lot. Rather you’re looking to lease or buy a car the question is how much do you really drive?


To get a price on how much a car would cost for a lease is to figure out if leasing is worth it. Depending on how much you drive a lease might be worth it for you.


For some buying a used car is better in the cards for them. But with a car loan the payments all depend on what you can do for a down payment and if your looking for a low payment a higher down payment would be ideal.


You don’t want to look at no money down car payments if you’re looking at low monthly payment options. Monthly payments really depend on the car dealership and the auto lender you’re working with.


Have multiple used cars in mind


Something to consider is to look at multiple used cars from different brands that’s what I did for my used car about four years ago.


Really you don’t want to think of the monthly payment unless you are looking to just lease. You want to look at the price of the used car. Down payments really do work for making a low payment used cars happen.


When you’re working with a car dealership on buying a used car you don’t want to make any moves really fast you want to take your time. Test drives the cars you like and take a few days to figure out what you want.


That car dealership will probably bug the crap out of you until you tell them what you want but they will always give you a different price. But for the most part you want a car dealer on your side because they will try and make a car loan that’s in your budget at the end of the day.


Car dealers want to make a sale that’s their job and we want to connect you to the best car dealership that will make you happy with the car purchase you have made. Don’t haggle with the car dealership to much because they can flip with the sales managers.


Test drives do help with used car buying


Know the facts of the used cars you want to test drive as you want the car dealer to give you a fair price for the vehicle. It’s a plus to know what other car dealers can offer you too so make sure your doing the car shopping and taking your time on the models that your interested in.