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Its simple you can get financed for a used car today. Its that simple. If you have bad credit and want to buy a car see what your local car dealership can do for you. There are a ton of options and and you can get a reliable vehicle for little money.  Just make sure that your credit score is good and you have a solid down payment and the car dealers will work with you.

Most car dealers want you to have $500-$1000 down on a used car and that’s to get the best auto loan rate possible. Now if your credit score is above 600 your looking at maybe a 4-6% auto loan rate if you have $500 down on the used car.


Good Financing For Life

It all starts here if you have bad credit. You can get a ..


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Buying a car? You’re ready to make an exciting purchase, and a big one at that but you have to figure out how to fund it first. Let us help you get the arrangement for financing, so that the rest of the process will go smoothly.

We believe that auto financing should be quick and easy, no matter what your credit situation is or was. We won’t look at you as a credit score.

92% of the people that apply with us get approved and when they apply they drive the same day. So what are you waiting for get behind the wheel again.

We handle new and used car loans, it’s up to you once you are approved to pick your car. The last thing we want to do is complicated buying a car with bad credit.

bad credit car loans portland orWE Go Beyond Your Car Loan

We want to help you live a better life with better credit and our online application is the first step to helping your credit. If you have a 620 credit score or below a credit car loan might be the right solution for you.

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