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An Easy Way To Save for a Used Car Down Payment. Saving for the First Car Payment

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used car down payment savingSaving money for a down payment on a new or used car comes down to how bad do you want the used car or new car.

You can save weekly or monthly for the car the terms are up to you. But finding a used car  dealer that offers low down payments can be the rat race.

We say that because you usually have to have decent or excellent credit to have a low down payment on any car you want.

Easy way to save for a used car down payment

That’s why saving up for a down payment for a used car is going to work out better for you. What we recommend for people is to start a budget for saving and save as much as they can in one month. You can start off small and work up from there.

You could even go as low as saving money daily like this:

Monday – $1

Tuesday – $2

Wednesday – $3

Thursday – $4

Friday – $5

Saturday – $6

Sunday – $7

If you continue to do that for 52 weeks you should have saved up $1,456 for the year.  Now that’s not a ton of money but it will help with a down payment on a used car from a dealership. You might be able to get the car dealer to throw in some extras like a years worth of oil changes.

Which is 2-3 oil changes for the year not bad if you think about it. So, before you go to throw down money and sign the paper work save for the down payment and do your homework on what the car dealers offer.

How we work with low money down car dealers

We work with helping connect car buyers to local car dealers that offer all kinds of financing to fit budgets and credit scores. We want to give you more options than just $0 down car dealers near you and let you know the options best suited.