Larger Down Payments Work Better at Used Car Dealers in Dallas Texas

large down payment used cars dallas TXThere are tons of ways to make money to purchase a used car or even a new car but if I was just getting out of a credit crunch I would just stick to purchasing a used car.

Start saving your money


I personally would start a money challenge and what that is your going to see for the next 52 weeks how much money you need to save up for a used car down payment in Dallas Texas. I know it might be hard but just putting away $5 a week away for 52 weeks might get you that car you want.


Its looking more like $10 for 52 weeks will have a decent down payment for a used car at $520. That isn’t all that bad for just saving $10 a week for a used car.


Now if you want to get serious about a used car in Dallas Texas with a large down payment you might want to save $35 a week which will put you at around $2,000 for a down payment on a used vehicle.


Not saying that $500 down for a used car in Dallas isn’t a good start but $1,800 for a down payment will have you driving in no time at any used car dealership.


Saving cash is the name of the game when it comes to heading to the car dealer. Showing the car dealer what you have will help in the efforts of them talking to their auto lenders.


Work your down payments at the used car dealership

Used car financing in Dallas TX

Larger down payments for used cars are the elements that used car dealers look for and auto lenders want. Used car loan lenders don’t want to take on to much risk with any car on their lot but if you have good credit and a large down payment.


They will be more than willing to talk to you about the offers they have but if you go into a car dealership with $1,000 you can’t tip your hand wait it out and say that $500 down for a used car on the lot is the best you can do.