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Subprime Auto Financing for Used Cars in Pittsburgh PA – Used Car Dealers in Pittsburgh

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Do you want to travel the state of Pennsylvania? But you don’t have a car that can be a problem. Helping you with bad credit used car loans in Pennsylvania is what we do best.

Get financed in Pittsburgh for a used car

There are millions of ways to get financed for used car but you want to make sure you want to right. Know your credit score is crucial to the success of buying and owning a car.


The better your credit score the better the interest rate for your car will be. If you have good credit you will see that an interest rate will be at 2-4%. But if you have bad credit and want a used car you might be looking at an interest rate of 11-13%.

Loans with bad credit in Pittsburgh PA

So yes, the car loan you get for a used car in Pittsburgh PA depends on your credit score. If you have a credit score below 500 you have bad credit, if you have 500-650 credit score you have subprime credit. If you have 700-850 you have good credit.


Auto financing in Pittsburgh is great if you have good credit but subprime credit not so good but it doesn’t mean you can’t get a loan.


You can apply with us and we can help you find the right car and the right financing on a budget.

If you have credit problems in Pittsburgh

If you have bad credit most car dealers want you to have a solid down payment for the car and if you don’t you can see a higher interest rate for a new car. That’s why if you have bad credit you want to see what your used car options are in Pittsburgh.


We specialize in bad credit auto loans and special financing for car dealers in Pittsburgh and make sure that the car makes financial sense for you.

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